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Veterinary Radiology

We often see patients who need immediate treatment. With diagnostic imaging, our board-certified veterinary radiologist in Tucson can diagnose medical conditions and tailor treatment plans.

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Digital Radiology | Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, Tucson Vet

Veterinary Radiology Services

At Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, we have incorporated digital radiology into our diagnostic services, which allows us to offer more immediate treatment to our patients. 

The images captured with our equipment provide our specialists and veterinarians, along with the primary care vets who refer patients to us, the opportunity to share patient information in a much more efficient manner. 

Along with providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, our radiologist also provides film-reading services for your primary care veterinarian, in addition to outpatient ultrasounds. 

Our Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist

A board-certified radiologist is someone who has undergone advanced training in all diagnostic imaging modalities.

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Radiographs are digital X-rays that allow veterinary professionals to evaluate the health of your pet's bones and organs. They can be used to diagnose conditions such as bladder stones, broken bones, chronic arthritis, spinal cord diseases and some tumours.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a moving image of your pets internal organs and circulatory system. This technology offers insight into the functioning of your pet's heart and internal organs, and allows us to spot cysts and tumours that might otherwise go undetected.

Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

Our veterinary radiologist uses computed tomography to view your pet's internal anatomy by producing highly detailed, cross-sectional images. CT scans are particularly helpful in the diagnosis and treatment planning of brain and spinal cord issues, lung disorders, and cancer.

Radiology (Digital X-Rays) | Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, Tucson Vet

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