Veterinary Shortages During Covid

In 2020 the world entered a global pandemic due to the Covid 19 Coronavirus, as a result, more people are staying home alone (or with their families). They are also adopting more pets than before, putting a strain on the veterinary industry. The Tucson vets explain more on this subject.

Veterinary Shortage

Pre-Covid there was already a shortage of veterinarians and, with everyone staying home during the pandemic more people are adopting pets. This is creating an even bigger shortage of veterinary providers. There is more demand than supply for veterinary care and appointments are booking weeks in advance with delays in emergency care, surgery, vaccinations, and more.

People are home more than before and many are lonely so they are adopting pets to keep them company and give them something to do. Between March 2020 at the start of the pandemic and March 2021 a year later, there was a 70% increase in pet adoptions. Because of this increase, many veterinary clinics are having to turn people away because there aren't enough slots available for new patients. Vaccination rates among pets are also decreasing. 

However, the number of veterinary visits on average is staying the same. It's not because people aren't taking their pets to the vet it's, because the number of vets is the same and they can't take more people in. Vets are now having to put people on waitlists.

The veterinary field is a hard one for working vets. Before covid they were already facing struggles such as having to euthanize multiple pets in a day, long hours, large workloads and, not having enough staff on hand to help all of the pets.

Another thing that is causing the stress and veterinary wait times is the covid protocols and measures. Veterinary offices are now implementing phone calls to pre-screen pets before having them brought in, implementing socially distanced appointments, and limiting the number of visitors in the waiting rooms. Even though this is increasing wait times it's giving vets a way to treat pets during the pandemic.

However, pets are amazing companions to have and it is essential to provide your pet with the care they need to live long and happy lives. Our team of talented vets will do their best to fit you into our busy schedule so your furry companion can get the quality care they deserve.

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